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7 Real Last Frontiers of the Philippines (Turtle Islands)


A long, long time ago, almost all the coastlines of the Philippines were the nesting grounds of marine turtles. Now, thanks to man, those nesting grounds are reduced to tiny spots, usually out of reach of most humans or seriously protected by concerned, well, humans.

The Turtle Islands (which is actually also a municipality) of Tawi-tawi is a very special place and probably the last refuge of a good number of marine turtles still surviving to this day.

Try to imagine this - on any given day, 50 - 150 turtles come up to the sands of the islands to dig their nests and lay their eggs. If you didn't say, "woah!" to what you just read, then you don't really understand what I'm trying to say!

If you do, you might be planning now your trip to the islands. Unfortunately, its distance from any established population center in the Philippines would require 12 hours of sea travel. And get this - there are no commercial boats nor planes going to the site. And a bit jaw-drop thing is that the place is only 45 minutes away by speed boat from the Malaysian town called Sandakan. Now, figure out how you can get to the islands and see the mommy turtles laying their eggs at night and the hundred of baby "turtlets" (okay, hatchlings) running towards the shore by the break of dawn.

Here's a youtube video of that one special island called Baguan:

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