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7 Last Frontiers of the Philippines (Balabac)

Photo by: Teri Aquino

This is a real last frontier as it can be.

The islands of Balabac in the southernmost tip of Palawan Province can only be reached after a 5-6 hours land travel from Puerto Princesa, and usually 3 hours boat transfer to get to the main island of Balabac.

This Dwarf Spinner Dolphin is seldom seen and was recently discovered to be present in the Philippine waters.
Photo by: Teri Aquino

What to see? Well, mainly products coming from Malaysia (like candies, chocolates and noodle soups).  But if you really want to discover the place, then hire a boat to go island-hopping. Snorkel in a hugely wide shallow reef where you see a lot of juvenile nemos and dorys. Thinking of being a naturalist? Then get ready to see bird species not usually found in many parts of the country. Look out into the see and try to get a glimpse of dolphins that may decide to swim alongside your boat. And oh, have a picnic on beaches you do not share with anybody. Just ask first where the crocodiles are staying before you get out of the boat.... Just kidding! You only do the asking when you're in the mangrove area. By the way, this is the only place in the Philippines where the Mouse Deers live in the wild.

More dolphins!
Photo by: Teri Aquino

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