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Travel is Poetry in Motion

This was taken in  Calatagan, Batangas. 
I once saw a travel photo that was so compelling that it made me realize that, yeah... if you have the right perspective and mood, travel can indeed be some sort of poetry. No moment nor scenery is wasted. Not even the most boring bus ride. You may be in the middle of a very clear , intense, or even blurred experience... and you bring back home something that you cannot describe by any word except.... you know what I mean.

So i dug into my hard disks and tried to find ones that I could use. But none came close to that photo that inspired me to do this blog post. I guess these ones would have to live up to my standards.

Just take a look (and comment :D) at the photos and decide which one is okay for you. Maybe even grab this and post on you wall! Or better yet, dig your own hard disks and look for your photos that made you, well... poetic.

I thank my oldest clone, Ibarra for putting those impressive texts in the photos (I kept saying, ohhhh.... wow...)

We went to a sandbar in Bohol when we were doing a book on kayaking in the Philippines and encountered these happy kids
On a river cruise in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, I prayed that the girl would stop as she walked on a rice paddy,  and I had maybe one or two seconds to make the shot.

I have fun looking for elements that don't match. This one is in Danao Lake in Taytay, Palawan


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