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Si Malakas at si Maganda - How about a 20-storey monument?

In an event some weeks ago, Chairman Felipe de Leon of NCCA (National Commission on Culture & the Arts) posted a challenge to come up with an idea of a monument that is truly and uniquely Filipino. I told him - how about a 20-storey monument of Malakas at Maganda? Ohhhh.... he liked the idea! What do you think?!

It makes perfect sense for this kind of project. No other country in this whole world can have a similar thing like this. Plus, the concept of Malakas and Maganda shows how the Filipinos value equality between men and women, that they were created equal.

Prof. De Leon also said that the Malakas and Maganda names were Spanish influenced and that their original names were Si Ka Lak and Si Ka Bay. Si Ka is not their name, its a reference (like Si Ka Tiago).

If actually done, this can become a major landmark and a tourist destination. Definitely worth considering to remind us who we are and show to the whole world our unique cultural heritage.