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Kayaking in Small Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan

No matter how many photos you click, how many times you paddle, and how many times you have witnessed this creation, kayaking inside the small lagoon in El Nido is an almost magical moment. The limestone walls that flank the emerald waters, the flitting birds, and the quietness of one's presence never fail to impress every visitor to the area.

Accessible only during low tide, a kayaker would have to bend, lie down and say a little prayer that he won't bump his head on the limestone "gate"

It does not take much skill to learn and be an expert in kayaking. A few paddling practice and you should be ready to go and experience nature on a more intimate level.

You have no choice but be awed by nature. You have to stop paddling and try to absorb everything you see.

Exploring a very shallow cave on kayak! Only three kayaks can fit into the chamber.

All the guests of El Nido Resorts in both Lagen and Miniloc islands can have this experience to bring with them the rest of their lives.

El Nido can be reached by small planes from Manila (Seair and Island Transvoyager) or 6 hours land travel from Puerto Princesa City.



  1. Been there done that,
    soooo lovely and MUST DO it all again

  2. WOW! this blog makes me wanna go to el nido!!! beautiful pictures, sir caloy! :)

  3. Thanks!! I was imagining what it would be like to kayak in the evening with the fireflies shimmering on limestone walls.... Hmmm.....