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22 Dream Resorts in the Philippines

El Nido Lagen Island Resort at dusk.

Anybody can plan on going anywhere in the Philippines for a great vacation. But there are places we can either just dream of or..... beg, save and borrow for so we can actually make the cliche, 'turn the dream into reality'

So what makes these 22 properties to be part of the list? Of course, they are on the top of their leagues. No scrimping on to-die-for amenities, grand rooms, and the amount of time you would need to save in order to  make that one very memorable vacation.

Afterall, who doesn't want to have a taste of staying in the best resorts the Philippines can offer?

And summer is approaching fast and the rooms are getting filled. See the list and decide where you will spend your summer dream!

Almost all the photos are lifted from the resorts' websites. Google the ones that caught your interest and you can find out more about them in their official websites.


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