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Instagram Posts Prove that Palawan is the Best Island

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Found something interesting. Palawan is often declared as the best island destination by a number of international travel magazines and tourism organizations. Here is youtube video showcasing the beauty of the group of islands in the Philippines.


Eats More Fun in the Philippines - Jollibee and the Tourism Department Team Up

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The Philippine Department of Tourism and the now iconic fast food franchise, Jollibee have teamed up to promote culinary tourism in the Philippines.

Southeast Asian Games 2019 Theme Song

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I know this is hardly travel-related. But hey, whatever chance I can give to put in my little help to help spread the good words of the SEA games!

Why Travel When You're Still Young - an infographic

Here's a good why to justify why you travel at an early age.

Seriously, travel can change big time a person's perspective in many things. I just put some of them in this simple infographic.