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12 Reasons Why I Firmly Believe in Tourism

Yeah, there are economic development, foreign exchange, business and job generation. But tourism goes much deeper than those. More than 20 years as an active player in the tourism industry as a researcher, writer, product developer, consultant, teacher, and environmental advocate.... you can say that I've seen tourism from a lot of perspectives.

And yes, I firmly believe that tourism can make significant difference to a nation, a community, a family, an individual, and the environment they all live in.

Here are the 12 reasons why I am a firm advocate for a healthy tourism industry.

1. It makes a whole lot of meaning to many communities that had little economic choices.
2. It brings back or enhances the cultural pride of the host community. But this is s walk on glass. It can  easily go the other way and exploit, trivialize and commercialize the local cultures. So be very careful on this one.
3. It doesn't destroy the mountain or the forest that gives value to the destination.
4. One tree could build one section of a house. But if it becomes a tourist attraction, it can build hundreds of houses!
5. It rehabilitates damaged areas. Corals blown into smithereens are resurrected because of scuba diving.
6. It has been saving endangered wildlife - talk about whales, dolphins, birds, whale sharks, manta rays,
7.  It is a good excuse to clean up a decaying urban environment.
8. It is a good excuse to built roads towards waterfalls.... that pass through farmlands or schools .
9. It keeps families intact. Mom or dad need not go abroad or to the urban capital to find a job.
10. Tourism is an agent of peace, and tolerance, and understanding
11. It gives a a deeper, more spiritual meaning to the traveler, the community he interacts with, and how they view the world they both live in. I know, this is a bit hard to swallow. But you can actually easily relate to it if you've been to different places.
12. And lastly, travel is a good excuse to live.

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