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I Have a Nagging Feeling Las Casas de Acuzar Will Become Big, Very Big.

I had the chance to visit Hacienda Acuzar again in Bagac, Bataan. The first time was impressive enough. The old houses that were transplanted, stone by stone and marked wood parts can really make one drop his jaw. At that time, one section near the beach was in frenzied mode with houses built like the old structures but are designed for accommodation facilities. A church and a huge conference building was also being built.

There were issues with the heritage purists who do not subscribe to the idea in developing this very possibly major destination in Luzon. In my first visit, I went home wondering if things will really work for Las Casas de Acuzar,

And on my latest visit, I've seen these!!

Just look at the photos and try to imagine when the whole complex is finally finished.  Ladies in baro't saya walking and guys in rayadillo keeping the guests safe. I mean, how can this place fail?

Well, it will all depend on the management of the site.

But as I see things, this place will become a huge deal in Philippine tourism.

The church and the conference center are not yet done. Workers are still in frenzy trying to finish everything. And I am wondering how everything would look like a few months from now.