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A Traffic and Commuting Solution - The Walkalator Commuting System!

Lifted from somewhere in the net. I think this is somewhere in Europe
Many would probably laugh at this idea. But I firmly believe that this could be a major component in solving the traffic problem and commuting woes in Metro Manila -- Why not set up a walkalator system in the metropolis???

Okay, to cut the whole story telling short, just look at these bullet points.

- It will not be very expensive compared to elevated train systems. The load factor is definitely much lighter (pedestrian overpasses do not have to carry cars, trucks and trains, di ba)

- It can tremendously elevate the quality of the communities. Just try to imagine how the elevated walkways transformed the walking experience in Ayala.

- It can earn!! Designed as a commuting choice, people who use it will have to pay.

- I won't be stupid enough to say that the walkalators would have to span several kilometers of EDSA, Espana, etc. It can actually also be a health solution - the walkalators will be cut into probably 100-meter sections interspersed with about 50 meters of space where people have to walk. So they get to exercise while getting to their destinations (so that it won't be a boring experience also). It will also allow the repair of damaged sections without impeding the entire function of the whole system (unlike the train system, yeah we all know this!)

- It will be a bit slow, but it will bring the people safely and conveniently to their destinations. For those who are commuting, it is very common to wait for 30 minutes to an hour for a ride. That amount of time can already bring them much closer to their homes or offices using the walkalator.

- It can decrease the number of vehicles (and traffic!) in major areas. People can leave their cars for short commutes (let's face it, for short travels, you would rather bring your car than ride a jeep, bus or LRT/MRT, di ba?)

- It will bring back the dignity of the commuters who are forced to fall in line for an hour to get to the train platform and lose their wallets/cell phones(!) while packed like sardines in the train boxes.

- It will make the breathing air in the metropolis cleaner!

- It will improve individual and business productivity.

- It will earn more money when extra spaces are used for commerce! Imagine thousands upon thousands of people gliding and walking by your food cart!

This is the time when I wish I were an artist or an architect so I can make a clearer and more convincing urban development concept.

But this could probably only work in Metro Manila where there is a huge density of people, disgusting commuting experience, and depressing lack of movement choices.

The walkalator system is about having a choice for the people and not box them in the traditional, polluting, and dangerous transport (no) choices.

Let's think out of the box!! The walkalator is not only for the malls and airports. It could make a much better community when made into a major transportation option!


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