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Return to the Asian Institute of Tourism

Yes, I came back to the Asian Institute of Tourism in the University of the Philippines as a lecturer. After 4 years of being completely offline here, I'm once again walking the pathways and crossing the overpass spanning the 16-lane highway.

The pathway from the gym

Yup, that's the overpass in the middle of the street! Yeah, its somekind of..... whatever! First you look hard to the left to make sure there's no jeepney or bus careening at 100 kph, then you walk fast to the stairs of the overpass!

The acacia trees. You don't see this in many places in Manila now.

The driveway.

One of the maidens :D

The lobby and "Manong Guard"

The student lounge

"X" marks the spot! Uhmm... did something fun and stupid on this same spot when I was a student in AIT. Let's just say that I had props in the form of newspaper... :D



  1. uhm

    can i use your photos to make posters of our event?

    i'll credit you and this website if you say so


  2. Does AIT offer any special courses regarding putting up a home-based travel agency?

    Thank you.