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A Close Look at the Lowly Aratiles

For many Filipinos my age, (well, sort of :D), this photo may bring sudden memories of childhood happiness. It was the time when the aratiles (some kind of a cherry) trees were easily clambered and we tried beating the birds to the juiciest, reddest fruits that the tree never seem to run out of.

I know, this does not seem like a travel thing. But as I go around the country, I can't help but smile whenever I see an aratiles tree. And oftentimes, I can't help plucking out the reddest berry, rubbing it against my shirt to take out any dirt, and sucking the sweet juice while enjoying every moment of childhood memory that I once again lived even for just a minute or two.



  1. wow! i just learned today that the Filipino word for this is aratiles. hahaha. well, it's never late.

    we call this wild cherry; and saraisa in iloco.

  2. Hello Sir Caloy,

    I was checking out on Google what's the name of this wild cherry; and was using the word saraisa in my search, but nothing's coming up. I saw a link that mentioned aratiles is its Tagalog word.

    I searched aratiles and clicked one of the search results.

    I was like, I know this website. It looks familiar.

    I read the article and when I reached the comment section, I was also like "Did I write that?"

    It made me cringe. I wrote that comment. It's like traveling back in time to God knows where.

    Okay, this comment is very long. I think, I will also post this in my blog.

    Take care!