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11 Awesome Shots of the Philippines

Caloy Llamas is not a commercial photographer (though some of his works have landed in international publications!). He is more of a hobbyist who loves to take photos of the places he visit. And look at what he has got to share!

I can only drool,  but also be proud of his photos. For they simply tell a hundred stories about the places, the Philippines.... and inspire us to discover what his sharp eyes have seen.

I have decided not to put in any caption so I won't contaminate the beauty of each photo.

So, lets start with this first one and wait with much interest as we click for the next photo.

Wait! Somebody commented that some photos were heavily processed. Here's my reply to that - I should have explained that the photos did not undergo the usual photoshop processing. He used the traditional lens filters, techniques and other stuff most digital and photoshop photographers don't know now. That's why these stuff are doubly impressive.

You can visit Caloy's FB page and see more of his works HERE.

1. Mt. Pulag




  1. It is Mount Pulog ... not Pulag :(

  2. Yeah, you're right. It was actually Mt. Pulog up to the mid 90's. But the locals pronounced it in such a way that its nearer to Pulag than Pulog, so the term got stuck and has been called as such. Now, you hardly see it referenced as Mt. Pulog.