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Mt. Pulag -- Places in the Philippines You Would Want to Go Back to Again and Again (Part 1)

Photo by: Caloy Llamas - https://www.facebook.com/caloy.llamasii

"A walk on clouds" is a literal experience in Mt. Pulag. And who would not want to do that?

It will be very cold. You might see that the pool of dew at the sides of your tent become pieces  of clear ice. Or for the men, your pee-line becomes a steady flow of steam rising through the cold air. You will be amazed by this very funny experience!

On top of Mt. Pulag, you would realize how miniscule you are. The walk through the dwarf bamboos will make you wonder how nature plays its game. You will have great, freezing fun!

Then you would ask your companions when you can climb Mt. Pulag again.

Back in the lowlands, when you hear the words, Mt. Pulag, your heart skips a bit and you stare at nothing, daydreaming of your next visit to this life-changing place.



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