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The Patango.... Bow.....

I know, this may not seem like anything related to tourism. But give me the (2 minutes) benefit of the doubt.

Patango is a tagalog word for this some kind of a beetle. The rough English translation is "something you can make its head bow" or "to bow one's head."

You see, going to the province and seeing those great attractions like breathtaking  views, white sand beaches and good food can be a rather typical activity.

And how do you make an entirely new and unforgettable visit to the rural area? Join the kids in the fields!

Fly a kite, climb up a mango tree, chase grass hoppers, grab some wild guava. And yes, get hold of this quite funny insect that violently bows its head when you hold it. Ask it some questions answerable by Yes or No. Ask it if your crush has the same feeling towards you, if you're going to be rich, or if you will have the chance to come back to this piece of rural paradise you found. Then you set it free.

When you travel, you can have the choice to experience something extra ordinary by going very ordinary, by going very  local.


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  1. thanks for sharing this picture.. naghahanap ako ng picture na kauri nya, pero ang kulay nya ay may pagka green at gold.. naalala ko ito nung bata pa kami, during summer.. naghuhuli kami sa puno ng "CHESA" madami nun.. thanks again