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Apulit Resort in B/W

Had fun converting my photos to pencil sketch! Of course, courtesy of Photoshop. And my victim is Apulit Island Resort in Taytay, Palawan.

This used to be Club Noah Isabelle. When the El Nido Resorts company (yes, that same company that operates two other top resorts in the neighboring town of El Nido - Miniloc and Lagen islands) took control over it, they named it after the island where it is located.

A Pacific Swallow

Leading to the water cottages.

The beach area. Many guests prefer the quiet the resort offers. Of course, they have the option to do many outdoor activities like scuba diving, island hopping, cave exploration and visits to the town.

Island hopping

Hardy plants that survive on limestone walls.

An interesting combination of a sea cave and a limestone cave. The speleothems (limestone formations) inside are also quite impressive.

The signature El Nido Resorts send-off. Even hardened guests are touched by this simple, yet sincere gesture.

Not bad for a full-serviced beach lunch. Call this lifestyle.... it simply is an unforgettable experience.


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