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My First Tourism Lecture Walk

At last! After so many years of procrastination and always asking myself if I could do it, I finally did my first lecture walk. My friends have been egging me to do this thing, it finally took a tour by Carlos Celdran to make me put one foot forward. Also, we have the same first name, so if that could count......

What is Lecture Walk? - Its a lecture module designed for the students and the industry players in tourism. Its all about giving additional education (and hopefully, inspiration) to the participants about the Philippines as a tourist destination and its various attractions.

I will try to encourage the tourism educators to participate, along with their students. Can non-tourism industry people join in? Yes, and we will call them sit-in participants :D

My first "captured audience" simply because they are my students, he he....

Since it was the first gig, had so many lessons that I should really learn from. First - iPads don't work. Second, a huge magnifying film does not work also. Third - always bring an umbrella.

It was very tiring and fulfilling. I saw first-hand how lacking we are as regards the "software" in tourism. Meaning - the stories we should share to the visitors and the story tellers themselves. I really do hope that with this simple contribution of mine, the Philippines can develop more tourism treasures that come not in the form of attractions or facilities, but of people who tell true and amazing stories about the country. Stories that could make the foreign visitors declare that it was more than worth it to visit the Philippines, and could make the Filipinos better appreciate their country.


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