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Provinces & Destinations - Romblon

Aliwanyag Beach
Brgy. Ginhayaan, Looc, Tablas Island

Aliwanyag Beach is a little way off the beaten track. The nearest road ends at about half a kilometer from the beach which necessitates a 10 to 15 minute trek across rice fields. The beach is in secluded cove along Looc Bay .

Bonbon Beach
Barangay Suwa

About half a kilometer in length with a width of approximately 18 meters, this shoreline is covered with fine white sand and features a gradually sloping ocean floor free of sea grass and sharp stones.

Off the Three Islets Coast of Romblon Town

Cobrador is the biggest among the islets dotting the seas around Romblon island. This islet is reputed to be the site where high quality marbles are found. Among its treasures are the rare black, gold and green marbles.

Fort San Andres

This is an old Spanish fort built atop the hills of San Andres. Made of coral bricks, it served as look-out for marauding Muslim and Dutch pirates during the Spanish period. At present, Fort San Andres is being used as a weather station.

Mt. Guiting-guiting
Island of Sibuyan

Mt. Guting-guiting is the highest peak in Romblon. It is considered among the more formidable mountains in the country. Rising a little more than 6,000 ft. above sea level, its rugged terrain presents a challenge which lures mountaineers to scale its peak

Poctoy Beach
Brgy. Poctoy, Odiongan

Brgy. Poctoy has a wide shoreline stretching for about three kilometers. Its white sand beach is free of sea grass but has an abrupt downward slope. Dotting the shoreline are resorts with cottages and picnic huts that offer lodging services.

Romblon Bay
Romblon Town

Reputed to be the best harbor in the country, Romblon Bay boasts of a deep landlocked bay. During increment weather, inter-island ships take shelter here. Facing the sea is the town proper of Romblon with colorful bancas and quaint houses lining the dock.

Tugdan Beach
Brgy. Tugdan, Alcantara

This beach is pebble-covered with a wide shoreline. The waters in this part of the island are calm an with a deep ocean floor.


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