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Provinces & Destinations - Rizal

Angono Artist Village

Rizal has the potential of becoming a tourist destination particularly in the fields of arts and crafts. It is known as the home of various artists, and musicians. It is for this reason that the Angono Artist Association ushered the creation of an Artist Village .

Daranak / Batlag Falls
Brgy. Tandang, Kutyo, Tanay

The 14-meter falls called Daranak stands magnificently beneath a running stream. Swimming or walking along the edge of the pool to the back of the falls gives a refreshing feeling. A short walk over the bamboo bridge to the top of Daranak are smaller cascades. Batlag Falls is located before one reaches Daranak Falls . It has magnificent falls and calm basins that allow anyone to bathe and enjoy the green surrounding of the area.

Higantes Festival

San Clemente is the patron saint of fishermen, highly revered by the people of Angono since this coastal town is inhabited by fisherfolks. On the actual feast day, the image of San Clemente is carried on a barge in Laguna Lake , with a fluvial procession. The event is celebrated every November 22 and 23.

Hinulugang Taktak
Taktak Road , Antipolo

The town of Antipolo was traditionally known for this falls even before WW II. This mountain resort has picnic cottages, a swimming pool, artificial paths and steps down to the view of the waterfalls. During the month of May, cultural concerts and plays are held in the area.

Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine

Antipolo is known to be the home of Our lady of peace and good voyage. History say, this miraculous icon has traveled back and forth between Manila and Acapulco eight times and on several occasions was credited with saving her galleon from destruction by warning the people about an impending disaster.

San Isidro / Carabao Festival

Farmers pay tribute to the carabao during the feast day of San Isidro Labrador, their patron saint. During the celebration of San Isidro Labrador, a feast in honor of the popular patron saint of the Filipino farmer, farming towns all over the Philippines held one form of thanksgiving to the patron. In San Isidro , the farmers groom their carabaos and they fall into a procession with their carabaos gaily decorated. Upon passing in front of the church, the carabaos kneel in respect to their patron saint. The event is celebrated every May 15.

Rodriguez (formerly Montalban)

Wawa is one of the few rock climbing sites in the Philippines that is frequented by local or Manila-based enthusiasts. Here, one may find easy walls that are ideal for training to quite difficult one that can only be tackled by skilled climbers. Heights of the walls very between 80 - 160 feet.


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  1. angono is really rich in cultural attractions, and hopefuly would not end up forever as a tourist potential. the local government and the people of angono should act now to achieve the tourist hub status. angono's advantage is its proximity to manila, we just need to improve the the traffic and road networks to rizal province.