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Places in the Philippines You Would Want to Go Back to Again and Again (Part 1)

Tourism has a notorious one-liner - "Been there, done that." Many destinations are just trophies or bragging medals of people who travel. Tick off the place in their list then off they go to another destination. Its like he-who-has-the-longest-list becomes the alpha of the travel tribe among his/her family, friends, and social media fans (okay, subscribers). And its perfectly normal. No question about that.

But there are places that defy this trend. Places that are simply awesome, huge or special that they seem to burn your heart with a branding iron with the words, "You will come back" as if its a spell that your just simply have to follow or you will live your life feeling miserable for not going back to the place. Uhmm…. it's a bit out of  context, but that statement should do.

Well, the simple reasons why you would really want to come back to these places are: you missed other interesting sites because you had to go back to your work, you really felt special and would want to feel again that moment, you gained friends, or you don't want to waste your time trying out unknown other places when you are assured that your next visit will be as great as the first time you set foot on them.

I will start with the five sites first (I actually have 17 destinations in mind) then add more sites as I get the luxury of time to write.

Ey, you can also nominate places to be included in this list and we'll see if they are really worthy of a second visit.

So take a close look at these first five destinations in the Philippines that would have a good chance to put a spell on you.


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