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Batanes -- Places in the Philippines You Would Want to Go Back to Again and Again (Part 1)

Photo by: Suzette Cuerpo -

One step on Batanes Islands and you will be completely hooked.

Its a group of isolated islands and the only practical way to reach them from Luzon would be by plane. You will need a lot of time deciding and planning your travel. And you will need more than the usual travel budget with the plane fare gobbling up your hard-earned lifestyle allowance.

While in Batanes, you will have no regrets and completely savor the moments of humbling nature experience, plus the unassuming culture of the people. You will be amazed quite a lot of times. You will be very happy.

But when you come back to your home,  you will not be able to shake off that feeling that you would still  want to return to Batanes. You will miss the landscapes and seascapes, those far, far-away islands you were not able to visit, the idjiangs  you only found out but were not able to see when you were already in Batanes. The winds, the crags, the boulder beaches, the sounds that the rolling rocks in the sea make when the waves push towards land, the stone houses, the vakuls, the honesty store, the Marlboro country that has been a puzzle to the young ones who were not born during the age of Marlboro men.

The simplicity......

You would really want to go back. No doubt about it. 



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