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BAGUIO CITY -- Places in the Philippines You Would Want to Go Back to Again and Again (Part 1)

Baguio was (and probably still is) the de-facto must-visit destination for Filipinos. Its hard to find any Luzon-based Pinoy who has not visited Baguio City by the age of 25.

Of course, it went through a lot of challenges like the earthquake in the early 90's, head-shaking traffic, and occassional shutting of roads due to landslides.

But the magic of Baguio, with its cool climate and Cordillera culture remains a huge magnet for many Pinoys (and also Koreans).

So, your first visit will most probably be limited to Burnham Park, the Botanic Garden, Wright Park and the Mines View Park. Of course, there's also the mandatory ukay-ukays and the public market for pasalubong.

Then you go home heavy with a lot of Baguio stuff. Your families and friends would say that you should have brought down other pasalubong like the authentic ube jam, the hand-picked strawberries, and  probably those colorful walis-tambo.

No problem, you would say. Its so easy to go back to Baguio, there are a lot of buses going there every 30 minutes, and its so easy to go around with the honest taxi drivers (well, at least most of them).

Then you start fancying staying in one of the villas in Camp John Hay, or you meet people who can bring you to holes-in-the-wall  intimate restaurants that can show you what Baguio really is all about. And those museums of the national artists, plus a hike to some places tucked away from the hordes of tourists visiting this famed city.

Then you will find out that Baguio is the perfect jump-off to Mt. Pulag, Bontoc and Sagada.

And you plan to visit again.... and again...



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