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Sagada -- Places in the Philippines You Would Want to Go Back to Again and Again (Part 1)

If you haven't been to Sagada, the name would evoke a sense of wonder whether the place is really good to visit. Then you find out about the Hanging Coffins, the Big Cave, the burial caves, pinikpikan, Echo Valley and the cool mountain climate. So you pack your bags for that 3 days stay in Sagada. No matter with the travel first to Baguio City then transfer to another bus in the early morning for that 6-hr ride over mountain roads and scary drops. Ey, you're already very lucky since it used to take 9 hours between Baguio and Sagada over very rough and definitely more scary high altitude roads.

Or you may already be in Banaue and given the chance to visit Sagada on a day trip. Hmmm..... it will be a fast-paced travel. The hired jeepney would be traveling very fast and expect to be pressured to finish your tour so you can make it back to Banaue by nightfall.  Not my cup of milk tea.

In Sagada, you will get what you anticipated. Great scenes! And more - you probably did not have an idea how hard (but exciting!) that big cave was!

Your 3 days would be over and as you depart, you will look forlorn and wonder how you can visit other places like the other waterfalls, that mountain, whether the local would open up the Crystal Cave again to tourists, the lake , the hills, rice terraces, more mountain food, or probably even the endangered group of wild horses of Sagada that very few people have seen.

Its probably early in the morning when you leave. You finally gave in the egging of some people to try out top-loading and you will see the grand vistas of mountains shrouded by morning clouds. You will sigh and ask yourself that maybe, to just chill out would be a good excuse to visit Sagada again.



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