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Southern Leyte - there could be some tourism magic here

Its good to know that there are many Filipinos who want to make a difference (no matter how small) for their communities.

One clear example is Eigh Tiu of Southern Leyte. Wanting to let her province be known for its potential, but nonetheless impressive tourist attractions, Eigh has made it a point to continuously write positive things about her province.

I've actually been around Southern Leyte, particularly Sogod Bay which I suspect could be a very good whale or dolphin watching site. It has actually proven itself to host a good population of whale sharks. It also hosts a lot of marine protected areas which should make scuba diving a very good possibility in the site. It was also the place where I experienced one of the most surreal travel encounters I had - while spending the time along the shore of Sogod Bay and on a moonless night, a paddle boat that seemed like a gliding silhouette silently cruised on the flat waters. The whole scene blew me away and I knew then that there could be tourism magic in Southern Leyte!

Enough of my marginal notes. I've adopted one of Eigh's articles in the hope of providing her a wider audience for her province.


As a way of promoting my visions on ecological tourism(ecotourism) on the provincial front for the upliftment of the lives of the people and the place, summarized below is the list of the different festivals, attractions and accommodations found in the province of Southern Leyte and in the different municipalities that they belong. Southern Leyte is a province bestowed by nature with the captivating sights awaiting to unfold before the discriminating eyes of tourist both from the domestic and international scene. If Palawan is regarded as the last frontier, then maybe Southern Leyte can be regarded as the undiscovered dive frontier.The province is reachable by land, by air and by sea.

For pictures and comments, please refer to the following link:

These historical attractions and leisure sights in the province consists of virgin forests, enchanting water falls, caves, religious pilgrimage and beautiful beaches..
A place endowed with rich natural resources with great potentials to be compete with foreign popular tourist destinations in Asia, but lacks development & promotion.
Such alluring sights is a great equalizer to the world s concern on the dangers of climate change, we are so blessed to have those resources but the locals remained impoverished sticking it out tot he traditional way of living.

With the development of Eco Tourism on the Provincial front, the influx of tourist tot eh province of Southern Leyte should be handled with preparation through a collaborative efforts of the Provincial Tourism board, The DPWH, the LGUS COncerned, PNP, DOH, DENR and all citizens concerned so as to be adaptable to the lifestyle changes that the situation demands. It is one of the richest, undisturbed and undiscovered marine habitat with the highest fish diversity and a very enticing haven for surfers and divers.

For a promising tourist destination like Southern Leyte , may TOURISM be the unifying factor among the locals of the Province, setting aside political differences for the greater good in order to move forward in measurable terms of economic growth of the towns and the province, improved economic status of the locals, and continuous preservation of the different landmarks and natural resources of the capital city and municipalities.

Only then my Walk for a Cause for the Province will take its leap allowing me to move on to the next destination of my Journey, with heads up high and a light heart.

Come and Visit the Province of Southern Leyte and experience the warmth of the culture of Southern Leytenos, embracing the beautiful adventure of a lifetime with nature, the sea, the sun, the food and the hospitality of the people.



  1. Thanks Caloy for posting this. Eigh Tiu is my BFF, former classmate and townmate. I really admire her efforts for promoting tourism in Southern Leyte which I believe no other person has done it these days. There's a lot of magical spots in the province which are still to be discovered.

  2. I've been to Leyte a few times and never did that place let me down. Friendly faces and beautiful spots awaits me everytime I go there.

  3. was that clff diving photo taken in southern leyte? :)

  4. My brother & sister in-law have a farm there in Southern Leyte. Yes, the island is very beautiful and the people very friendly. I'm sure it will become a tourist attraction for those who wish to escape the big cities & enjoy all the natural beauty Leyte has to offer.