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Book Your Hotels in My Travel Philippines

Aside from the iPhone App version of My Travel Philippines, we have been doing a lot of improvements on the web version.

Of course its a resource center where travellers, the tourism industry, even students can do a good deal of research on the tourist attractions and facilities in the Philippines.

Now, it has also become a booking center!! Through our partnership with established and respected booking portals like Hotels Combined, travellers can now have the option to book their resorts and hotels or their stay in any part of the Philippines. The good thing is that most of the affiliated properties offer very good discounts that could make you pack your bags now and head towards your target destination in the country!

Explore the site, see the rates, and discover how you can get the best value for your travel money!



  1. that's great! makes it convenient for those who want it all without having to go through different sites...have not gone through the site to check it out yet - didn't know if you also have info on restaurants and transpo as well?

  2. This is a good tip for the tourist who want to travel here in the Philippines. Just find a best hotel booking website, so that you can save more time and you would know if the hotel is well furnished and in good and safe place.