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My Travel eBook

Just uploaded my very first eBook on travel itineraries in the Philippines!!

Its a no-nonsense book on travel to different places in the country.

My good friend, Robert Alejandro designed the cover.

You can see (and buy!! :D) the book from this site - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/19665

In a few weeks, I'm hoping that it gets distributed to other sites such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple's iBooks.

Yay for Philippine tourism!!



  1. wow, congratulations caloy! can i get this book for free? he he!

    roselyn (of magka, in case you can't remember me)

  2. Hi Roselyn!!! Kilala kitah!!!! Oy, musta na? i-friend mo ako sa facebook - eto name ko dun - caloy libosada jr.(ang hirap tandaan, ano? he he..)


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