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The Beauty of Travel

In trying to develop a book on the values of travel. I came up with some sort of a list which tries to illustrate the value of travel. At the end of the list, we can actually say that travel is all about living a life.


Concrete walls or green leaves

Computer or pinacolada

Home movie or cultural show

Metacarphal syndrome or adrenalin rush

Money in the bank or passport in the pocket

Memory of numbers, networks, and strategies or happy memories

24 x 7 or 7 – 2

Screensaver or looking at the big polar bears

Aircondition or aircontinuous

MP3 or the hum of cicadas looking for their mates

Reruns or watching dolphins jump or hear the humpback whales singing

Pathetically watching your children glued to TV or looking at them playing in the sand

Losing your kids to their gangs on week-ends or keeping them company during those weekends

A pallor of pale skin or a nice tan

Growing old working or growing old having fun

Powder on your face or sweat on your breast

Lipstick on your lips or coconut juice running down your throat

Dry mouth or camel spit

Breathing smog or touching clouds

Over worked or over joyed

Canned tuna or sashimi

Microwaved pizza or the fresh one prepared in a Madrid restaurant

Popcorn or jumping beans

Breakable toys or unforgettable memory

Four walled environment or vast moving space

Citizen of your community or citizen of the world


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