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My Travel Philippines

I am so happy to announce that together with my developer partner, Rupert de Guzman, we have created a new travel website with the following features:

• With the most comprehensive database on Philippine Attractions and accommodation facilities

• You can add records and photos

• Directly linked with facebook and you can use your facebook account to log-in (which is a good protection because your username and password will still be lodged with facebook (not on our website or server)

• You can use the site as your online travel reference as regards the tourist attractions and facilities in the Philippines (we have one of the best search engines – test it out!)

• If you’re the traveler, you can make comments on the records and let other travelers be better informed

• Everything will be available for free to iphone, ipod touch and ipad users!! Better make all your iphone loving friends know about this great news!

Here's the link:

Let me know what you think or how we can improve the stuff.


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