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7 Real Last Frontiers of the Philippines (Bucas Grande Island)

Many think that this is part of Siargao Island. But this is actually a separate island which is at best, 2 hours away by boat from Siargao and less than 30 minutes if accessed directly from the mainland. What you will see here is a huge lagoon hidden by limestone walls. The only opportunity you can see go to the lagoon is during a low tide when a small banca can delicately squeeze through the tiny hole (or a small cave) leading to the lagoon. There are generous local stories of fairies, spirits, and a very rich being that ordered a luxury car with an instruction to deliver it to the island (which had no roads!).

But if you want to really enjoy the site, get ready to get really wet in this natural coliseum of forested limestone walls. Swim, snorkel, bring a kayak or rent a small banca, explore tiny caves while swimming, and if you have a pair of binoculars, do some birdwatching for the endemic Tarictic Hornbills. And make sure you still have the time to swim in another lagoon filled with stingless jellyfish. Don't be surprised if you see big resorts in Bucas Grande. Apparently, those guys have seen the quality of this destination and went ahead of the resort investment game.

*Note - the comment below states that swimming with the jellyfish is currently not allowed. Better check first if you're planning to visit the area.

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  1. Swimming with the stingless jellyfishes has been prohibited for a while now since tourists lather themselves with sunscreen that kills or weakens the jellyfish - as seen with how few are left compared to a decade ago.