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7 Real Last Frontiers of the Philippines (Batanes)

Photo by: Jing Ramos-Dimaya -
More than 20 years ago, my college class had a speaker who talked about destinations in Northern Luzon. He said that Batanes was not a good place to visit because its coastlines were mostly crags and it hardly had any "decent" white sand beach.

Guess what? These tiny emeralds at the border of the Pacific Ocean are now known as a scenic landscape and seascape!

Those who were lucky enough to have the chance to visit Batanes are enthralled (yup, the perfect word) by the sheer, rugged beauty of Batanes.

Photo by: Yay Ortega -
But I would say that 95% of the tourists have actually seen only 5% of the territory. Most of them would not know that they may have walked on a trail that is less than 500 meters from an old stone fort. And the most number of islands they have visited would only be 3, leaving the other islands  away from the eyes of the outsiders, simply because those islands are just too far away and difficult to get to. And let's add very expensive (that is, if you're lucky to convince a local boat operator to bring you to those uninhabited places where only birds, wild grasses, and of course, the most scenic crags and seascapes can be seen. 

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