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7 Real Last Frontiers of the Philippines (Babuyan)


Photo by: Jessie delos Reyes -

How would you like the idea of taking a bus to the edge of Luzon Island for say, 12 hours, then wait for a boat to get filled with passengers for a 6 hours travel that could extend to 12, depending on the wind, the waves, and the courage of the boat operator?

But lucky are the very few who have reached these islands! They've seen humpback whales, heard them sing (if they had hydrophones), and get really happy seeing hundreds of dolphins that filled their entire vision while in the middle of the sea. Of course, there are the beaches, kilometers of pure nature where there were no other group of tourists who bombed their moments with nature.

Babuyan is a group of tiny islands, usually volcanic in origin that lies between Batanes and Luzon. Depending on your interest, you can go whale watching, swimming, or finding that fairly newly discovered species of bird called the Calayan Rail that was seen by the science world only in the year 2007. The only way to reach the area is by boat and the window is usually only the months of summer. You know the term, "the waves are as high as the churches?"

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