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Provinces & Destinations - Ilocos Norte

Capital : Laoag City

Area and Location
Ilocos Norte has a total land area of 3,399.34 sq. km. It is located on the northernmost edge of Western Luzon . The Babuyan channel on the north and its sister province, Ilocos Sur on the south forms its boundaries. To the west are the waters of the South China Sea .

Geographic Profile
Ilocos Norte consists of alluvial plains, hills, mountains, and coastal and miscellaneous land types. Its terrain is generally mountainous and rocky. Its coastline is dotted with coves and rivers most prominent are Bonga, Bolo, Lubugaon, Bacarra and Laoag. It further cuts into the coastal configurations of Bangui and Pasaleng Bay


Bojeador Lighthouse

Built in 1892, the lighthouse is still sending out signals to ships passing by the Cape facing the Northern portion of the South China Sea . This is the highest lighthouse in the Philippines .

La Paz Sand Dunes
Brgy. La Paz , Laoag City

This place boasts of itself as one of the unique spots in the city. Locally named as Bantay Bimmaboy, the sand dunes shaped like a pig which attract not only the natives but foreigner tourists as well. The area has served as location for filming local as well as international movies. Near the sand dunes is a beach area.

MalacaƱang of the North

Built as the official residence of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos in Ilocos Norte, overlooking the legendary Paoay Lake , this imposing structure is now a museum.

Marcos Museum

The birthplace of President Ferdinand Marcos which is now transformed into a museum, a mecca for the learned.

Pagudpud Beach

These stretches of beaches in the two Municipalities of Pagudpud and Bangui are earmarked for development as tourism estates. The site has a long stretch of white sand and is one of the most beautiful coastal strips in the northern section of Luzon .

Paoay Church
Poblacion, Paoay

Built of coral blocks and stucco-plastered bricks, the church is a unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental designs. Construction of the church started in 1704 and finally completed in 1894.

Patapat Bridge

This scenic bridge connects the provinces of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan and ideally flanked in-between mountains and the sea.

San Nicolas Church
Poblacion, San Nicolas

It was the first to be built of stone and bricks in the Ilocos Region in 1591. In 1898, it was occupied by the Katipuneros under Gen. Manuel Tinio and in 1899, it was occupied by the American forces. The present structure is a reconstruction of the 18th century structure.

St. William's Cathedral
Laoag City

The Augustinians built this church of Italian Renaissance design in 1642. It has unique 2 storey faƧade held by four pairs of coupled columns.

Sta. Monica Church

Built facing the river in Sarrat, this century old church is of Neo-Classical and Baroque architecture.


Fort Ilocandia Resort
Laoag City
De Luxe Hotel
Tel - 077 7721166

Palazzo de Laoag
Laoag City
Standard Hotel
Tel - 077 7731842

Texicano Hotel
Laoag City
Standard Hotel
Tel - 077 7720606

Northview Hotel
Laoag City
Standard Hotel
Tel - 077 7731689

Currimao Green Nipa Resort
Class AAA Resort
Tel - 077 7732055

Villa Floago
Class AA Resort
Tel - 077 7924854

D' Coral Beach Resort
Clasa A Resort
Tel - 077 7721133

Villa del Mar Ivory
Class A Resort
Tel - 0920 5534161

Pagtarusan Lodge
Tel - 0918 8071528

El Elliana Hotel
Laoag City
Tel - 077 7716008

Hotel Tiffany
Laoag City
Tel - 077 7703850

Thalia's Inn
Laoag City
Tel - 077 7715462

Balay de Blas
Laoag City
Pensionne House
Tel - 077 6070332

Pannzian Beach Resort
Tel - 02 6469020

Starlight Lodging House
Laoag City
Tel - 077 7714879


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