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Provinces & Destinations - Laguna

Lake Caliraya

One of the most prominent man-made attractions in the province. The lake is actually a water reservoir built in 1943 to supply water to the Caliraya Hydroelectric Plant. The waters from the lake measures about 50 m. at its deepest.

Mabitac Church
Gen Luna St., Mabitac

The church stands mighty high atop its 126 stone steps. Its facade is definitely old Spanish style but the interior is quite modern. Like most old churches, it has a belfry connected to the main church. The patroness of this church is Our Lady of Candelaria.

Mt. Makiling
Los BaƱos

The mystical Mt. Makiling is an inactive volcano, rising to about 1,109 meters above sea level. The vegetation consists of approximately 2,048 different species of plants. Ideal for all types of nature-tripping such as trekking, bird and butterfly watching. The University of the Philippines campus and the hot springs and resorts at the foot of the mountain serve as a major tourist draw for the province.

Pagsanjan Falls and rapids
Pagsanjan and Cavinti

The actual name of the falls is Magdapio Falls located in the next town. However, the falls has been popularly known as Pagsanjan Falls because of the trip to the falls, referred to as "shooting the rapids" which starts from Pagsanjan.

Rizal Shrine

It is a two-storey, red-tiled roof, Spanish vintage house where all kinds of Rizalian memorabilia ranging from pictures of the late hero and the women of his life to laminated excerpts of some of his written works are displayed.

San Santiago Apostol Church

Built during the early Spanish period. All the religious images found here were carved and/or painted by the residents of Paete long ago. The intricate baroque altar is a monument to their wood carving industry and the walls boast of the intricate murals.

Seven Lakes
San Pablo City

Each nestled in a depression created long ago by volcanic activity, the seven lakes are: Sampaloc, Mojicap, Palakpakin, Calibato, Pandin, Yambo, and Bunot lakes.

St. Gregory Church

This is reputed to be one of the oldest churches in the country. It was built in 1575 using forced labor. It preserves antique relief statues brought by the Spaniards.

Underground Cemetery

Built in 18th century by the Franciscan Missionaries, the underground cemetery is a circular wall structure. The tombstones are embedded on the brick walls of the cemetery. At the crypt of the cemetery, according to history, is where the Katipuneros plotted one of their actions against the Spanish colonizers.


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