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Provinces & Destinations - Cavite

Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum

A historical house built in 1849. This is where Filipino General Emilio Aguinaldo was born. It was also from the balcony of this house where the Philippine Flag was first raised to proclaim the Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898 .

Gen. Trias Catholic Church
Poblacion, Gen. Trias

Built more that 300 years ago during the Spanish era, the church is elaborately decorated with carved statues of Catholic saints located on a multi-tiered wooden carved platform.

House of Gen. Riego de Dios
Poblacion 2, Maragondon

Considered as one of the oldest structure in the province, the house is made of wood and is featuring an old architectural style.

Imus Historical Marker
Town Plaza , Imus

The marker is placed near two vintage artillery pieces in a well known plaza.

Maytinis- December 24 Festivity

A festival in which a young man and a woman knock at every house as a reenactment of St. Joseph's and Mary's search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. The event is highlighted with songs. Held every December 24.

People's Park (Palace in the Sky)
Tagaytay City

Presently being used as a communication station because it is located at the city's highest point, this mansion was originally built for the state visit of US President Reagan. The mansion was never completed though, for the former US President cancelled his trip. It is also now park maintained by the city government.

Tagaytay City
Situated on a ridge 1,700 ft. above sea level, Tagaytay City is considered as the country's second summer capital. The place boasts of its cool breeze and a magnificent view of the Famous Taal Volcano and Taal Lake .

Corregidor Island
Off Bataan Peninsula

After almost half a century since the Second World War, this island which was used then as a fortress, now serves as a memorial for the courage and bravery that was shown by the Filipinos in their fight for freedom. Present in the area are ruins, gun emplacements, and the famed Malinta Tunnel, A man-made tunnel the soldiers used as a refuge during intense Japanese bombings of the island.


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