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Provinces & Destinations - Marinduque

Bathala Caves
Brgy. Ipil, Sta. Cruz

The Bathala caves are said to be mystical and the repository of psychic powers emanating from various points of the universe. It is believed that there are seven caves composing the Bathala Cave Complex. However, only four of these caves have been explored.

Battle of Pulang Lupa Marker
Brgy. Pulang Lupa, Torrijos

A marker stands at the site of the bloodiest battle ever fought in the island between the Marinduque Revolutionary Forces and the Americans. The "Battle of Pulang Lupa" was the first known major battle won by the Filipinos over the Americans.

Boac Cathedral
Brgy. Mataas Na Bayan, Boac

This cathedral was built sometime in 1656. The architecture is Fil-Hispanic Gothic with much of the original structure faithfully preserved - the facade and main body, the belfry, and the altar. Stained glass window, though a later addition, adorn the walls.

Moriones Festival
Municipalities of Boac, Mogpog, and Gasan in Marinduque

It is a religious festival which links the story of Longinus with Christ's Passion and Death. Starting Holy Monday, "Morions" roam the streets as they play pranks on the townspeople, serenade ladies, frighten children and sometimes engage in mock sword fights.

Mt. Malindig
Bordering the Towns of Buenavista and Torrijos

Dominating the south of Marinduque is Mt. Malindig , an inactive volcano rising 3,167 feet above the sea. Dense forest covers its other half - giant trees, moss forest, wild orchids - while the rest is nearly deforested due to the slash-and-burn method of farming.

Natangco Islet
Brgy. Silangan, Mogpog

Natangco is an eight-hectare islet with a short stretch of powdery white sand beach that gradually slopes into the sea. This islet is a haven to scuba divers, its waters teeming with corals and marine life - Moorish idols, butterfly fishes, occasional siganids, etc.

Paadjao Falls
Brgy. Bukbok, Mogpog

This is a series of gently cascading falls ending in a 10-foot deep pool of crystal-clear waters. It is an ideal place for picnic and camping.

Polo, Maniwaya, and Mompong Islets
Sta. Cruz

Off the coast of Sta. Cruz are the islets of Polo, Mompong and Maniwaya. The first, Polo, is only 35 minutes by boat from the pier. A white sand beach and a 10-foot sandy cliff line its coast. Only 15 to 20 minutes away from Polo is Maniwaya whose powdery sands make it ideal for leisurely beach activities.


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