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Provinces & Destinations - Occidental Mindoro

Apo Reef Natural Park

The second largest reef in the world presents good drift-diving opportunities in its blue water, covering an area of 35 sq. km. of coral reef teeming with a wide variety of marine life. Apo Island is divided by a narrow lagoon which runs from east to west.

Calawagan Mountain Resort
Alipaoy, Paluan

The resort's main attraction is the Calawagan River , perennial favorite for the Cleanest Inland Body of Water Award of Dialog's Clean and Green Program. It also features natural and man-made pools, a hanging bridge, tree houses, and a natural rainforest.

Hulagaan Falls
Binacas, Lubang

One of the lesser known attractions of the province that has a lot of potential as a tourist destination.

Ilin Island
San Jose

The main attraction of the island is the Mina de Oro Beach Resort which boasts of a fine, white sand beach. Fifteen minutes from the beach by boat is a cave, the entrance to which you have to swim through if the tide is high.

Mamburao Beach
Fatima, Mamburao

One of the beaches of the province with brownish gray sand ideal for swimming, boating, scuba diving, wind surfing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and water skiing.

Pandan Island

The home of Pandan Island Resort which features a beautiful strip of whitish-sand beach. The place is also very ideal for picnics.

San Jose

Saknungan is a Mangyan term for "bayanihan" or the spirit of cooperation, brotherhood and unity at work. It's a three-day festival celebrated with street dancing and showcasing the products from each barangay of San Jose town.

Tamaraw Gene Pool
Kanturoy, Rizal

It is a protected area with seven captive Tamaraws. The Tamaraw (Bubalus Mindorensis) is one of the world's rarest animal species and endemic to Mindoro Occ.

Tayamaan Beach
Tayamaan, Mamburao

It is a one-hectare beach lined with coconut trees. The beach is ideal for swimming and is frequented by local residents.

White Island
San Jose

It has almost a mile-long beach with smooth and powdery white sand ideal for picnics and swimming.


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