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Bonifacio High Street

One thing with this new landmark in Metro Manila is that it gives you a real fresh feeling, both visually and olfactory. The landscaping is great and really sprawling in the middle. This is matched by some modernist/eclectic/artsy works that make the scene really quite something out of the urban squeeze. Quite expensive to eat and buy things in the place, though. But there's the more pocket-friendly Market Market! a few meters away!

I was having a good time doing my first few clicks when an arrogant guard approached me when I pointed my camera at these buildings. He said I'm not allowed to take photos of the buildings! Whhaaaa??!! No point in arguing with that guard, he was just following orders.

Ey, what can I say about that policy? Stupid, stupid stupid!!! Well, some well-educated, intelligent people may have retained the stone-age mentality of their ancestors.


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