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Provinces & Destinations - Ilocos Sur

Capital : Vigan City

Area and Location
The province of Ilocos Sur is located along the western coast of North Luzon , bounded by Ilocos Norte on the north, Abra on the northeast, Mt. Province on the east, Benguet on the southeast, La Union on the south and the China Sea on the west.

Geographic Profile
The topographical features of the province consists of a long and narrow coastal plain on the western side that becomes hilly and mountainous towards the eastern part of the province forming a part of the Cordillera Mountain Ranges. The climate is generally dry, characterized by more dry months usually from October to May.


Ancestral Houses
Kamestizohan District In Vigan
Ancestral houses with ancient tile roofs, massive hardwood floorings, balustrades and azoteas in varying Spanish-Mexican-Chinese architectural styles.

Apatot Beach
San Esteban
A favorite among the local community, the beach was where US submarines surfaced to unload arms during the WW II. The place is also named after a mangrove plant that was abundant in the area.

Archbishop's Palace
The palace features sliding capiz windows and cut-out decorations with floral motifs. Completed in 1793 after a span of 7 years, the palace has a collection of priceless ecclesiastical artifacts and relics from other Ilocos churches.

Bantay Church
The church was built in 1590 and was reconstructed in 1950. It is famous for its earthquake baroque and neo-gothic architecture mixed with psuedo-romanesque design. Its bell tower standing on a hill nearby served as a lookout for enemies.

Candon Beach
Candon Beach is one of the wide beach areas in the province. It offers gray sand and clear waters. Some small resorts are built to accommodate visitors.

St. Paul 's Metropolitan Cathedral
Known for its distinct earthquake baroque architecture, this church was built by the Agustinians during the period 1790-1800. It has a 3-aisle altar and a choir lift. Its belfry is detached and located along the earthquake belt, typical of any Ilocos Church .

Sta. Maria Church
Sta. Maria
A century old church situated on top of a 60-meter hill used as a stronghold during the 1896 revolution. The church is now a National Landmark.


Vigan Heritage Mansion
Vigan City
Standard Hotel
Tel - 0917 8341785

Vigan Plaza Hotel
Vigan City
Standard Hotel
Tel - 077 7228552

El Juliana Hotel
Vigan City
Economy Hotel
Tel - 077 7222994

Cordillera Inn
Vigan City
Economy Hotel
Tel - 077 7222727

Heritage Resort
Class A Resort
Tel - 077 7228284

Gordion Inn
Vigan City
Tel - 077 7222526

RF Aniceto Mansion
Vigan City
Tel - 077 7722383

Grandpa's Inn
Vigan City
Tel - 077 7222118


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