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Bulkheading a Beach in Boracay?! -- NOOO!!

I was surfing the web and looking at some youtube videos to while away my time when I saw this:

That's in Bolabog Beach, opposite the White Beach. If you notice, there are no tourists in the area, because its at the height of the closure of the island.

But I got really disturbed by something else. Do you also notice it?

They freaking bulkheaded the beach! They want to protect the beachfront properties but they obviously do not realize the long term consequence of bulkheading the beach.

This part of Boracay will eventually lose its beach. Ahhhh.... I don't have time to explain everything here, just watch my other post on beach management -


I was hoping that the government agencies tasked to rehabilitate the island would eventually remove the bulkheads and return the beach to its sloping profile.

But no.... I was wrong! A few minutes of walking along the beach gave me another surprise with this!

They are apparently turning the entire (or most) of the beach into bulkheads!

This should be stopped. Or if they want to convince everybody that they're doing the right thing, then they should show scientific and engineering studies that those bulkheads will not destroy the beach.

Bolabog Beach experiences strong wave actions many months of the year. And a bulkhead near the water line is a sure formula to eventually destroy the place. It will protect the properties for some years, but think about the long term......

Ano ba?!

Here's the link to the video I found --


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