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How Many Workers Were Really Affected by Boracay Closure?

The 6-months closure of Boracay spells disaster to thousands of families relying on tourism. Numbers were thrown around like trivial statistics as if they were not talking about people and families getting hungry.

But what really is the nearest possible number of families that are affected by the closure?

The Department of Labor and Employment said the directly employed individuals was 17,735 along with 2,005 construction workers.

Many of us who have very little idea about the situation would accept the number without bothering to check. In fact, many actually did not. Heck, many in the tourism industry did not even  have any idea, except in their own businesses. That's why this embattled sector could only whimper and not directly challenge the situation.

Let me quote a part of the article written by the Secretary General of the UNWTO (Mr. Taleb Rifai):

"In these times of global uncertainty, equitable employment is essential to increasing social inclusion, peace and security. With 6% of the world's active population out of work, job creation must be at the forefront of our agendas and the potential of every economic sector to provide decent jobs should be utilized to its fullest.

"Beyond the direct impact, tourism reaches into many sectors, such as construction, manufacturing and IT services, having a multiplier affect along the value chain. It is estimated that every job in the core tourism sector creates about 1.5 additional or indirect jobs in the tourism-related economy."

The core words are: multiplier effect, value chain, direct and indirect jobs.

Those do not only include the construction workers, but also the calamansi and banana farmers in Mindoro, fishermen in surrounding provinces and towns, traders, factory workers of products supplied to Boracay.... and thousands more.

So the more realistic number should be ---- 44,337 workers (17,735+1.5*17,735) (just use the darn calculator if in doubt about the formula).

And if each worker gets a ridiculously small amount of daily wage of Php500.00...... the total loss in wages for that 6 months would be Php3.990 Billion.

And the funny thing is the government has allocated Php448 million to provide as an assistance for island people who would lose their jobs. That amount could have been spent to other areas that really need assistance.  Such a waste..... such......

What I know about governments is that they would do anything to ensure that their people get jobs and be productive members of the societies. What's being done in Boracay really defies common sense.

And don't start arguing with me that it's for the good of the environment. The government does not even need Php20 million to solve the environmental problems in Boracay without resorting to drama. The government people just have to do their jobs, or lose their jobs.


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