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Google Map Views of Interesting Places in the Philippines (3 of 3)

Bais Shoal in Bais City and the town of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental. You want to feel the real elements of nature? Rent any of these houses on stilts which were built on a shoal (meaning, when its high tide, the sand will be completely under water). The boat will leave you for the night and you will be in complete darkness with lots of stars above and the sea waves gently rocking you in your slumber.

How to get there: Easy. Van from Dumaguete City to Manjuyod then rented boat to the shoal.

Calicoan in Guiuan in Eastern Samar. When the effects of typhoon Yolanda (Hainan) finally subsides and tourism gets back on its feet, try to visit this place. See those wild waves on the upper right? Those are perfect for surfing. Don't like surfing? Cross the island and have perfectly serene water for swimming.

How to get there: A bit of a challenge. Van from Tacloban City. Should be easier when the roads are completely repaired.

Crater of Canlaon Volcano in Negros Island. Its great for mountaineering! Mossy forests, waterfalls, and challenging trails before you reach the crater's edge.

How to get there: Difficult. You must be a well-seasoned tropical mountaineer to tackle this one.

Carbin Reef in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. Yes, that shallow reef, white sand bar and the dark, blue sea. Perfect for musings.

How to get there: Easy. Land travel from Bacolod to Sagay City then hire a boat.

This is another sandbar near Carbin Reef

Sandbar in Tubigon, Bohol. Just time your visit during low tide, with great cloud cover, and you should be in this very picturesque destination few people have been to.

How to get there: Easy

Pasig Island. Eastern Samar. This one looks interesting.

How to get there: Should be quite a big effort. By land to Can-Avid then hire a boat.

Cape San Agustin, Davao Oriental. Many Filipinos know this place. But its hard to imagine how this place looks like. Here's the tip view.

How to get there: A bit of a challenge. Van from Davao City. Ask around first if the road leading to the lighthouse is okay for travel.

Kangbangyo Island, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte. You go boating in this maze of limestone covered with dense forests. You will see lots of Mindanao Hornbills and get tempted to swim into the waters.

How to get there: Fairly easy. Van to Pilar then hire a boat to reach the island.

Bucas Grande Island with Sohoton Lagoon and Stingless Jellyfish Lagoon, Surigao del Norte. Just looking at the photo could make you feel lost. Then you will find out that you can only reach the inner sanctum of the lagoon during low tide. And if the locals already allow it, they may even let you swim in the logoon filled with stingless jelly fish. Ask around first about this one because they suspect that the sunblock lotion used by the tourists are affecting the population of the jellyfish so they closed the lagoon for sometime.

How to get there: Fairly easy. Two to three hours boatride from Siargao. By land then by boat from the mainland of Surigao del Norte.
Sitangkai and Sibuto Islands. Some people call this the Venice of the East. Really?! Looks really promising for a visit.

How to get there: Quite a challenge.

Turtle Islands. The ones on the left belong to Malaysia. The bigger ones on the right are part of the Philippines. This is a life-changing destination. They're not called turtle islands for nothing. You will learn a lot, you will appreciate so much, and you will enjoy nature, very much.

How to get there: From Malaysia, very easy. 45 minutes by speedboat. From any part of the Philippines, very difficult and very expensive. Better to fly to Malaysia first. But there is no existing immigration gateway yet. So we mortals will have to wait several more years before we can witness the beauty and significance of the turtle islands. Lets hope the turtles are still there.

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