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Google Map Views of Interesting Places in the Philippines (2 of 3)

Potipot Island, Zambales. This is a very tiny island surrounded by white sand beaches.

How to get there: Easy. Bus to Candelaria, then hire a boat to the island.

San Roque Dam. I doubt if this is open to visitors. But I got so curious at the beauty of this watershed.

And I even got more curious when I zoomed into this island. Is this somekind of a symbol, or a giant.....?  haha!

Islands in Sorsogon. Many have been wondering if there are islands in Sorsogon that they could visit. Here they are!

How to get there: Easy. By bus then hire a boat

Amanpulo Island, Palawan. Yes, we can dream of staying in an island resort like Amanpulo.

How to get there: Easy and very expensive. You must be a guest of the resort to get there.

Islands of Cuyo. Can't go to Amanpulo? Cuyo has more islands!

How to get there: Difficult and fairly expensive to hire boats.

Twin Lagoons, Coron Island,  Palawan. See those 3 white dots? Those are boats. And their passengers are probably swimming in the lakes or passing through that tiny gap underneath a landmass to reach the other lagoon.

How to get there: Very easy - get on a tour in Coron
Kayangan and Barracuda Lakes, Coron Island, Palawan. Kayangan is the de-facto tourist attraction in Coron. Barracuda is more known as a diving (yes, diving) attraction where you have to lug your air tank over limestone cliffs to reach the lake.
Fraser Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  This makes you want to jump out of your plane and straight to any of the two lagoons!

How to get there: Very easy. Van from Puerto Princesa City then hire a boat for island hopping

Snake Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This is definitely one of the best islands to go to while on an island-hopping tour in Honda Bay. However, this has been "closed" by some.... whatever.... for "development"

How to get there: Forget it. Unless you get somekind of an entry permit from the "owners" Pssst! according to Philippine laws, no private entity can own the beach areas in the country. So if you get on the beach by boat...... uhmmm....... Otherwise, just enjoy the view of the island from your plane window (sit at the right side window when flying in to Puerto Princesa, or the left side window when flying out to get the best views).
Starfish Island. Honda Bay, Palawan.  When on an island-hopping tour in Honda Bay, its almost certain that your boatman will bring you to this tiny sandbar.

How to get there: Easy.



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