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Steal My Tourism Ideas - Signs

I am introducing a new section in this blog called - Steal My Tourism Ideas.

The concept is simple. I come up with ideas for tourism. Most likely in the vicinity of tourism product development, marketing and destination management. And if you have money and become interested in it, do it as your business! Then tell, don't tell me, pay me, or blow a flying kiss.... and laugh your way to the bank. I won't care. You see, its.....for.....a...higher.....purpose...... You know I'm stupidly kidding, right?

Full disclosure - most of the original photos are lifted from the net and I don't know who own them, and I made massive amounts of amateur photoshopping to illustrate my idea. I will tell you if the source photo is mine, if I'm quiet, then its not mine. Also, I am fully aware that any great idea of yours has been thought of (or even implemented!) by somebody else ahead of you. So... that's it!

Let's start with this one.


Yup, the world has become graphic. What's graphic will easily sell, and recorded, and shared. So if you're a destination that wants to attract people but barely has the budget or even marketing expertise, then you make the public market your destination! Its as simple as that.

But of course, they need a compelling reason to notice what you cheaply (but smartly-packaged) developed. And one of them would be the simple, but crazy ROAD SIGNS!

Like, who does not want his photo to be taken beside a sign that says gorillas are crossing the road, or better yet, gorillas carrying M16 rifles are crossing the road! Or a stop sign coz battle tanks will fire at any car that does not make a full stop?

Or a baby crossing a street?

Yes, people will definitely stop, get out of their vehicles, and have their photos (or selfies) taken beside the sign. Just make sure you have a safe parking area.

You will be astounded at how cheap you can develop a tourism product and let the people be your marketing team!

Say, one sign would probably cost Php5,000 (including labor), so for 10 signs, you would only need Php50,000 and you have a compelling tourist attraction! Of course, you have to put add-ons for land improvements (for parking, for safety, of course!)

You also would not want people wonder where the crazy signs are located, then put your place on the sign itself, or on the post, or somewhere  smart (as in product placement smart). Say, below the baby would say, "Welcome to Balanga City!"

Oh, you definitely have questions on the proprietary or legality of this thing? Then put a big announcement before the stretch of the road with the signs that would probably say: "You are entering a crazy sign zone. All signs are not to be taken seriously."

And of course, the signs will have to be highly secured so that people on the hunt for souvenirs won't have the crazy idea of taking them home.

So, don't be surprised if we suddenly see an elephant sign located in the middle of nowhere in the Philippine. Just park your car and take some good travel souvenir photo.


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