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Provinces & Destinations - Catanduanes

Balongbong Falls
Bato; along the National Highway

It is one of the oldest and most widely-known areas for local vacationers and with noteworthy natural attractions for travelers. The falls feeds the main Bato River with clear and sparkling water cascading from the slopes of the Boctot Mountain Chain.

Bato Church

One of the earliest church built by the Spaniards at the mouth of a wide river.

Buyo Cave
Brgy. Buyo, Virac

The caves has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and is surrounded by small rolling hills.

Catandungan Festival

A celebration of the province's anniversary and a tribute to its founders. The event is held every October 24.

Dinahit Festival

A celebration commemorating the first commemorating the first migrant to the province of Catanduanes using the "dinahit" sea craft.

Igang Beach

A haven for surfboard surfing and wind surfing. Some caves are located nearby and the coral formations are ideal for spear fishing. Swimming is recommended in some parts of the beach.

Luyang Caves
Lictin, San Andres

It is a grotto-like structures made of limestone.

Mamangal and Balite Beaches

Developed by the local government, and is ideal for snorkeling and spear fishing because of the well-developed coral formations. The beaches are with creamy white sand and blue waters.

Puraran Beach

Internationally known as "Majestic", this is the site for softboard surfing. The white and clean beach makes it very inviting and cool.

Vargas Cave
Balite, Virac

It has a narrow opening providing a challenging point of entry and is hidden in the midst of thickets.


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