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Provinces & Destinations - Camarines Norte

Bagasbas Beach

The most popular beach area in the province. Located at Bagasbas, the beach is characterized by gray sand with gently sloping sea floor but the waves are quite high. Perhaps it is this characteristic of the sea that make Bagasbas Beach highly ideal for swimming, body boarding and surfing.

Daet Pineapple Festival

This festival depicts the famous and one of the sweetest pineapple can taste, the queen or the formosa pineapple that abundantly grows in the soils of the province. The festival showcases the place, people and culture of the capital town as well as its main agricultural products, one of which is the golden pineapple. The date for the festival is usually moving.

Feast of Black Nazarene

A two-day religious festivities in honor of the Black Nazarene, also the object of veneration of the Chinese devotees and many others who make the pilgrimage from nearby provinces. This is for the purpose of paying homage to this miraculous Patron Saint. The feast is celebrated every May 12 – 13.

First Rizal Monument
Corner Magallanes and J. Lukban Sts, Daet

The town of Daet holds the distinction of being the first town in the Philippines to erect a monument in honor of the country's national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The effort was initiated by Lt. Col. Antonio Saez of the Philippine Revolutionary Army.

Mercedes Islands

Aside from the bounties of fishing, the municipality of Mercedes also hosts some of the most beautiful and easily accessible islands in the province. Most of the islands are small with no tourism development and some fishing communities. One island has a resort with complete amenities for the guests.

San Jose Beach

Aside from Bagasbas, San Jose Beach is also one of finest beach areas in the province. This is a very long stretch of light colored sand with very little development. Thus, one can have an almost uninterrupted view of the open space and the beach area.


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