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Visayas Travel Exhibit in Makati

The Department of Tourism has this new program bringing the regional destinations to its office in Makati. The opening ceremonies are usually very festive with performers traveling all the way from their provinces to Makati (talk about almost major production). to present their events and showcase their handicraft and souvenir items.

And of course, their tourist attractions.

I got to see some of their performers, items for sale and food for everybody (except me, as I had to go work to my "office" with free wifi).

Excuse the quality of the photos as I had to use my phone in a challenging condition (you know, the usual excuse for bad photos...)

These Sinulog performers had to dance on the sidewalk of Buendia Avenue providing some sort of entertainment to passersby.

The panting Masskara dancers in the holding room right after their performance.

The only decently blurred shot I was able to take of the Masskara dancers.

A lot of handicraft and souvenir items are also on sale at the DOT lobby. I....just....hope.....that someday, DOT would totally not include items made from endangered species like this "tambuli" shell which is probably the only predator of "crown of thorns" starfish (sea star) that can destroy large areas of coral reefs in just a few days when it starts infesting a reef. Yup, responsible tourism.... I'm gonna stop here and prevent myself from sounding self-righteous.

You can visit the DOT display this week (that's along Buendia/Gil Puyat Ave, near Makati Ave.).


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