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10 Things You May Not Encounter Anymore When You Travel Around the Philippines

Times have changed. The travelers of some years ago have seen and experienced things that are hardly seen or encountered now. I want to believe that we were the lucky bunch and we have those stories that will linger in our memories.

And for the tanders travelers out there, maybe you can add more to the list. :)

Here they are:

1. Offered betel nut by a local while waiting for a jeepney ride

2. Sleep in lodging houses fit for a traveling salesman or delivery van driver

3. Raced out and made to eat dust by a newspaper delivery van running at insane speed

4. Experience a real gateway to hell!! - AKA toilet along the bus routes

5. No choice but to eat "pangat" food offered in every bus stop - as in "pangatlong luto"

6. See milk cans repurposed as plant pots as the only evidence of modern civilization in rural areas

7. Zero plastic bottles

8. Children playing sipa, piko siato ang tumbang preso

9. Matured, non-LGBT men holding hands while walking

10. Being asked by a wary local in a far-off rural place..... no, whispered to by a local whether you're a communist guerilla or a government spy.