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Sagada Adventure with Kids

Got to join only the other day quite a big group with KIDS(!) in Sagada,Mountain Province. Yup, that one with the huge cave, unending treks, waterfalls, hanging coffins, and fortunately, new properties with gardens that the kids can enjoy. I used to have doubts whether its worth it to bring young ones to Sagada as it is more for the adult adventurers and those with enough sense to deal with strenuous activities and some level of danger (like caving, perhaps?). Apparently, it can be easy and a lot of fun! But, definitely entering the Big Cave (Sumaguing) should be avoided. And there should be a good ratio between adults and kids. And the grownups should be ready to carry a kid who has reached a cranky level.

Viewing the burial cave and ancient coffins in Lomiyang Cave.

Trekking down one of the numerous trails in Sagada.


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