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Provinces & Destinations - Sorsogon

Barcelona Church

Coral reef were used to form the walls and the carvings on the coral reef façade makes the church a priceless relic.

Bulus Spring of Irosin

The water is clear and cold. It springs out from obscure fissures on the surface of the coolest and clearest water on one side emits thin smoke. An open space of water is the bathing area about 7 x 10 meters.

Bulusan Lake

Dubbed as the " Switzerland of the Orient", Bulusan Lake lies at the heart of the National Park which covers a land area of 3,672 hectares. Expanding over a circumference of 2,006 meters. The maximum capacity of water content is 3,472 cubic meters.

Bulusan Volcano

A volcano with an extinct crater, about one kilometer wide which is now used as a campsite with good forest cover. Towering at 5,077 feet above sea level, Bulusan volcano is like a crawling giant in the middle of a forest which have been declared as a protected area.

Irosin Church

Built on top of the hill, it dominates other structures in the town of Irosin .

Kasanggayahan Festival
Sorsogon City

The Kasanggayahan festival is celebrated in Sorsogon in commemoration of the foundation of Sorsogon as a separate province from Albay. This two week-long series of activities include an agro-industrial and trade fair, cultural presentations, and sports activities. The event is held on the month of October.

Masacrot Spring

A man-made pool with bubbling cool and natural soda water.

Rizal Beach

Beach is long and sandy and ideal for boating, swimming and beach-combing. A resthouse and a line of shore cottages amidst the abundant growth of coconut and fruit orchards provide the needs of travelers and vacationists.

Whale Sharks of Donsol

Pobably the only place in the world where one can see the rare whale sharks in large numbers. Said to be the biggest fish and shark, it can grow to as much as sixty feet long.

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the world's largest fish. They appear in Donsol waters in considerable numbers between December and May each year, taking advantage of dense food concentrations. Donsol is a seasonal feeding ground for the whale sharks.

Firefly Watching

One can witness the awe-inspiring fireflies that flicker by the hundreds on the trees lining a river in Donsol.


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