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Provinces & Destinations - Pampanga

Apung Iru Fluvial Festival

The feast of St. Peter and St. Paul observed with a fluvial parade down the Pampanga River featuring decorated bancas and motorboats; culminates with the bringing of the "Apung Iru" (life-size ivory image of St. Peter) back to its shrine at Capalanagan. This particular festivity is held every June 28 – 30.

Candaba Swamp

The large wetland is one of the major stop-over points for the migratory birds using the Asian Flyway.

Clark Special Economic Zone
Clark Field, Angeles City

This former U.S. Air Force Base was once the biggest American military installation outside the United States . It served as the home of the U.S. 13th Air Force and the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing. Among the many places of interest inside are the Base Cemetery and the number of tourist and recreation facilities.

Cutud Lenten Rites
Cutud, San Pedro, San Fernando

Re-enactment of Christ's passion which is held every Good Friday culminating with the actual nailing of at least three flagellants on wooden crosses atop a makeshift Calvary .

Furniture and Woodcarving Industry

Woodcarving is one of the oldest enterprises in the town of Lubao and the people have become skilled in the art of woodcarving.

Giant Lantern Festival
San Fernando

The Festival is a showcase of giant lanterns made of colored crepe and Japanese paper, with frames of intricate tinwires, containing electrical mechanisms and thousands of lightbulbs. The lanterns dance, blink, and twinkle in kaleidoscopic patterns in cadence. The culmination of the event is held every 4 th week of December.

Kamikaze East Airfield

It is from this airfield that the first Kamikaze pilots took off for their last mission as the official human bombs on October 1944.

Mt. Arayat National Park
Arayat and Magalang

The 3,564-feet high mountain at Barrio Bano, Arayat is a favorite destination among domestic tourists and picnickers. One feels the cool breeze even on a hot summer day, and from a hundred springs flow clear and cool water that runs down the mountainside to a public resort facility located at the foot of the mountain.

St. Peter's Shrine

Permanent residence of a life-size ivory image of St. Peter called "Apung Iru" by the townspeople.


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